Lavender Meditation | Spirit Guides | Making Life Changes

Lavender Light - Healing Energy

    Sit in pairs, facing each other –knees not quite touching, [or in a group larger circle],
     Raise your hands – to shoulder height – palms facing towards your ‘partner’
     Close your eyes – let a smile form on your face
     Allow your palms to begin to feel slightly warm and tingly

     See, Imagine, Feel a lavender sun in the ceiling above shine brightly down upon you
     Allow this beam of light to enter your body through the top of your head
     Allow this light to slowly move through your head, and into your throat then down Into your heart
     Allow yourself to begin to feel the warmth, the joy, and a tingling energy entering

     Slowly and gently allow the light that has been entering your heart to start moving Into your right arm,
         and to your right hand, and then
     See, imagine, feel this lavender light moving from your right hand to the left hand of your ‘partner’
         [or the person opposite you in a circle]
     Allow your left hand to receive lavender light from your ‘partner’
     Slowly allow this lavender light energy to strengthen in a circle from heart to heart through your hands

     In this moment, allow yourself to accept what is happening
     Feel the warmth, joy, and tingling energy slowly entering your entire body
     Let your entire body become warm and totally at peace
     Some of you will even sense your body singing to you

     As your body becomes filled with lavender light let your legs and feet tingle
     Slowly let this light radiate from your feet and down into the earth below
     You have invited into you, strengthened, shared and released the highest vibration of energy in the universe
     Know this, only life can exist in this energy of love and joy

    You are receiving healing energy, sharing healing energy, and also healing the earth
     When you are ready, slowly lower your hands, and open your eyes
     Remember this moment of peace, joy and ‘just feeling wonderful’
     And guess what? You can create this moment, yourself, any time you need to.


Spirit Guides  [Fun Activities - pg 35]

     When you look at another person, you see only a very small part of their entire energy field. When we look at ourselves,
we see only a very small part of our total Being. We all exist as energy Beings and have done so for a very long time. A portion of our total energy Being will, from time to time, create a physical form on this planet. [We then will actually exist in two places simultaneously.] This is the human portion that we create [use] to live a life time in a more solid physical form. 
This means the greater part of our total Being exists in non-physical form beyond our present awareness. It is this 'higher portion' of ourselves, which when we are still and look inward, can access the wisdom to guide our lives in health, happiness, and abundance.

     Beings who have had previous lifetimes may choose to be recognized by 'who they were physically' in a particular  lifetime. Dr Jamieson is an example of an energy Being helping to assist as a guide from the 'world of Spirit', and chose to use that particular physical identity for purposes of communication. Similarly, a portion of your 'higher energy Being' can be a spiritual guide assisting others on the planet at this time. This is one way to connect with a higher level of knowledge, or wisdom, to help us attain a happier, healthier, and more loving way to live our lives.

     This information is accessed through an individual who is very willing, able and receptive to allowing another Being to speak through a physical body. This is valuable in that it expands one's awareness that this type of communication exists, and is possible. The next step in this awareness, is that each one of us is able to access this 'higher level' of knowledge from within. And that each one of us can find out why we are here on this planet, and what we came into this physical existence to accomplish, or in other words, what is the purpose for our current life on this planet.

     To do this, we connect with known guides, and ask for assistance to bring our personal guides to us. Next, we need to prepare ourselves to be receptive to their communications. Once this doorway is opened, it needs to be strengthened and trusted. And when communication with this higher wisdom is in place, we will be able to move forward with our lives, with fewer and fewer problems, even though others around us will struggle.

Step One:  Calm the mind and super relax
     Sit quietly in a chair, back supported and fairly erect.
     Inhale slowly through the nose allowing the head to tilt back gently.
     Exhale through the mouth, with tongue curled up and the air 'whistling' gently through the teeth, and allow the head to
        tilt forward gently until chin touches upper chest.
     Inhale and exhale with the head moving gently, five times, focused entirely on how the air moves in and out of the body.
        [Done properly, this technique will not allow any thoughts to enter the mind.]
     Repeat this breathing technique up to 10 times, feeling the body become heavier, and the mind free of thoughts.

Step Two:  Call upon one of the guides identified a the beginning of any chapter. [I will select Melchizedek.]
     Say several times, with a clear, soft, firm voice, "I am now ONE with Melchizedek."
     Sit very quietly and be very aware of any slight feelings or sensations in your body or mind that indicates he is present.
        [Depending upon how receptive you are, you may experience anything from 'nothing' to a healthy tingling throughout
        your body, others who are very open, may see him clearly in the mind or even 'hear' him as an inner voice.]
     Know that you are connected and then ask that he bring forward your personal guides and healers.
     Again, sit very still and be aware of any different sensation(s) that indicate other 'energies' are connecting with you.

     The more receptive you are to this whole 'idea', the easier and faster you will be able to establish a personal connection.
It is worth whatever time it takes to create this connection, and to fine tune your communications. Eventually your guides will let you know their names, and how they are prepared to assist you directly.

Step Three:  affirmations to focus and strengthen your intent.
     Study the affirmations in this book and then begin to create your unique ones to assist you.
     An example of one might be, "I now choose to be completely open to spirit, and I am grateful for their help in relaxing
        me to be most receptive to their help and guidance."

Step Four:  meditations to raise your vibrations to a higher level of receptivity.
     Study the 40 Breath Technique, and look at the 'OHM'ing [sound meditations] in the book.
     Sitting still and relaxed, call upon a [or your personal] guide[s] to assist with this meditation, then 'OHM' and 'breathe'
        for 15-30 minutes each day, as close to the same time, will more quickly yield results.
     An additional technique would be to find the references to crystals, and how to program them, and use the 'energy' of
        the crystals to amplify your intent and raise your energies.


Making Life Changes

     If we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to be what we have always been. We will not change. Consider this. We are where we are, and who we are, because of our daily thoughts.
     We are all energy living in a universe of energy. That means our thoughts are energy too. Energy has the potential to create. Therefore, our thoughts have the ability to create. After all, they created who and what you are at this moment.
     If we keep thinking the same thoughts, over and over, we keep creating the same things, over and over. Change can't happen, because we haven't changed what we are constantly thinking.
     How can we easily and effectively change our thought patterns? First, we need to create a new structure to follow and then repeat it every day, until it becomes as automatic as the one we are currently wanting to change. Second, it must be enjoyable, and one way to do this is to supercharge it with fun and optimism.
     There is evidence to prove good and happy thoughts will create the 'good' things in life, and that unhappy and angry thoughts create those undesirable things in life. Change can happen very quickly when one is committed and consistent. I like to keep things simple and easy because I can adapt to simple and easy much more quickly and enjoyably.

Step One: 
     Get a small binder with loose pages in it and begin to write down lists.
          These lists can be simple affirmative statements of your wants, desires and goals.
          Use only language which reflects joy and optimism. This creates a positive mood energy in your mind.
          Review these lists on a daily basis.
         You may call upon your spirit guides to help you with positive words, and wants.

Step Two:
     Place a title on each page and build your specific lists 
     Page 1, 2 and 3
          List 100 things you want in your life right now. As one 'thing' is attained, delete it and add a new want.
          [from that list, fit these wants into the pages below, completing each of the three sections]
     Page 4
          My life [education, travel, homes, possessions...]
          a> Things I am most grateful I have.
          b> Things I want that will benefit me.
          c> How these things will benefit others in my life.
     Page 5
          My Body [maintain or improve any area...]
          a> Things I am most grateful I have.
          b> Things I want that will benefit me.
          c> How these things will benefit others in my life.
     Page 6
          My Health [maintain or improve any area...]
          a> Things I am most grateful I have.
          b> Things I want that will benefit me.
          c> How these things will benefit others in my life.
     Page 7
          My Finances [cash flow...]
          a> Things I am most grateful I have.
          b> Things I want that will benefit me.
          c> How these things will benefit others in my life.
     Page 8
          My Relationships [friends, spouse, co-workers, relatives...]
          a> Things I am most grateful I have.
          b> Things I want that will benefit me.
          c> How these things will benefit others in my life.
     Page 9
[Sample Page]
          My Career [how to improve current situation, change of position...] 
          a> Things I am most grateful I have.
          b> Things I want that will benefit me.
          c> How these things will benefit others in my life.
     Page 10
          Special Project [short term goal you want to make fast progress with]
          a> I am most grateful I have 'xxx' to get this project started
          b> I want this direction ... this outcome ... this ultimate result...
          c> This will benefit me, and others, in the following ways 'xxx' [win-win scenario supports success]

You list what you really want. 

Begin with only a few ideas in each category. 
Start slowly, but do start. Once the habit is in place, add more to these lists.

Don't enter you want to be 'DEBT' free, because you are still focusing on debt.
You might record instead, I want my credit card to now have a $0 balance. [This is what you really want.]

A person with an illness [say cancer], would not say 'I want this CANCER to leave this body now'.
Instead, record, My body now enjoys perfect health so it can run 4 km each day. [Something you wish your body to do.]

     Ask your spirit guides to seek assistance from other sources they have access to, which will balance the energies in your body to match your wants. Don't wait for confirmation from your guides. Believe the process works and let the results appear in your life. This will 'speed up' the creating process in others areas of your want lists.