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Welcome to Your Future

The information contained in the next pages is easily accessible on the Internet.
This, too, is channeled information, from an even higher source than our personal Spirit Guides.
This content goes beyond the intent of the Dr Jamieson Dialogues.
Here, you will meet and gather information from, and about, OUR ancestors who created and populated
this part of our Galaxy many eons ago. Many answers are offered for today's questions.
Who are we? Where did we come from? Why the chaos in our world today?
How do we move forward into the promised 'Heaven on Earth'?

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The Ashtar Command
 is one of many contact representatives for the
Galactic Federation of Light
which is a collection of over 1,000,000 Light Ships
presently located around our Solar system

The articles presented are intended to inform, prepare and guide the reader towards
preparedness in Humanity's Ascension Program to our next Spiritual Level
and are available in MS Word format - for reading and downloading

St Germain, May 23 2008, First Channeling
Michkael speaks Sat. July 4, 2009
Commander Kortron - Photon Update, July 11/09
Five Ways to Step into the Magic of Living, Salmarilian,  Aug 21, 2009
Ashtar - Spiritual Hierarchy September 2, 2009
Time to Stand your Ground
Christmas Disclosure
You are in the Midst of a Spiritual Awakening
Simplicity in Every Moment
Matthew's Message from Commander Hatonn
Opening Address to Earth by Galactic Federation Preliminary Draft
Galactic Federation Fleets
Sananda Teaches Ascension
Sananda - God Energy
Sananda - sending and receiving Energy
Commander Ashtar - A Tribute
Alaje Pleiadian GFoL 10
Ashtar through Michael Ellegion Aug 29 2010
Archangel Michael - shine your light - Aug 2010
Commander Sohin Sep 21 2010
Discussion with Cmdr Sheron
Matthew's Message Oct 10 2010
Message from Archangel Michael Aug 2010
Salusa's Message Sep 27 2010
The Ashtar Command
SaLuSa - the transitional shift - Dec 01 2010
SaLuSa - what to espect in 2011- Dec 29 2010
Archangel Michael - we offer you a golden opportunity - Dec 31 2010
Cmdr Sheron On Gliese 581 And The Current State Of Our Earth 2011

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