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Things I am most grateful I have...
     I am truly grateful for the years I spent in the classroom learning how to effectively communicate and educate others.
     I am grateful for the years I spent in health care in a hospital setting, where I learned about adult relationships, 
          and learned much about illness and alternative mechanisms for strengthening the body so it may regain health.
     I am grateful for the choices, and freedom this country, my life, and this time in our evolution on this planet can provide.
     I am grateful that I have an open mind, and that I am willing to take wise 'risks' to grow and meet the challenges that
          success requires.

Things I want what will benefit me...
     I want a new career to come forward NOW, that will give me 'time freedom' and 'financial freedom'.
     I want a career, home business, that provides mentors and coaches who are knowledgeable, AND who promote the
         'win-win' model of support for me as I reach their level of income.
     I want to attract quality people into my life life, and into my career, home business, who are eager, willing, and who
         have the resources to want to create a six figure income in two years, AND who are willing and able to duplicate
         my efforts in creating success.

How these things will benefit others in my life...
     I am willing to help others as one way of thanking all those who helped me gain my success.
     I understand that my success depends upon the level of success I am able to create for others.
     When the 'win-win' model is applied to any situation, I know success MUST happen.
     I know the most important life mission any one may have is to joyfully help another create abundance in all areas of