Kevin’s Invitation to open to channel: Universal Mother, Father, God of Light as we come in peace, in Love and of understanding, we give thanks for this time together, always for the loving guidance and the healing support of our many guides and teachers from the world of spirit, as we ask that their healing light be upon us now, helping us to be complete, whole, and at one with our inner self, and asking at this time that the healing angels of Light and Love ever surround us with their great protection, allowing only the highest of vibrations to manifest here now and the healing light and blessings be upon this time of communication, that as you come in questioning, that your questions be answered, that you be given the guidance for your highest growth, and we ask this in Love and Peace, in Harmony, in Truth and in Light, and we trust now that as it has been asked, it shall come to pass. And so it is……

[You may call upon the vibrations of Dr Jamieson, Mother Cabrini, Sister Victoria, Saint Raymond, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Melchizedek, Akehnaten, as well as simply asking that your personal spirit guides of healing, and teaching come forward to work personally with you at any time you request of them.]

Dr Jamieson: Greetings to you. It is my pleasure to come forward to you at this time in this physical environment so to speak from the world of the non-physical. I do indeed come forward as a representative of the many that exist from the world of spirit, bringing to you their love, and as you pose your questions to me, I will do as much as I possibly can to touch in with these many around me, for they bring answers and guidance forward to you through this physical instrument. And realize that as you speak to me, you really speak to many, and as I speak to you, you hear the voice of many. I trust that you are well?

Ed: Yes, Dr Jamieson. My first question today, actually comes from a friend of mine who is diabetic. He has read a book that suggested diabetes can be cured. Any information you can provide which would further assist him would be appreciated.

Dr Jamieson: The way to heal it would first be to release the anger of the self, to realize what your direction is in life, to express love, not only inwardly to the self, and also to realize what one’s control is in life. There are a number of specific things I could recommend, but perhaps it would be best if he were able to speak with us. Looking into his vibration it appears that he may be receptive to this.

Ed: I will relay this to him. Thank you. My second question is from a co-worker. She is asking for help, especially around her late brother having died of cancer at age 26. I realize that this area is sensitive and please offer only information that would be appropriate.

Dr Jamieson: Well, I would understand there are several lifetimes which are creating some conflict presently, the majority of which comes through her walk in life, and this is where she will find it difficult to move forward easily. One must learn how to move beyond obstacles that we create for ourselves. And although there are lifetimes which influence this, it would not be appropriate for me to discuss them exactly. But what we can say is that she is walking a difficult pathway, however, that can be altered by one’s free choice to look beyond, by seeing the abilities one has. She does not yet realize that the obstacles on her pathway, she created for herself to learn to transcend, or to learn to move beyond them. It appears as if the next year for her will be difficult. She has preplanned that for herself. At the heart level, she has difficulty accepting this death. There appears to be a particular spirit guide who is working with her. You could even tell her that she has a guide assisting her. But for the moment, she appreciates your support.

Ed: Thank you. Another co-worker, who knew I would be conversing with you today, asked if I could have you read her vibration to see why she has had an increase in the number of headaches recently, and why they are becoming more severe.

Dr Jamieson: I would understand she has had some tension. Sometimes as we wind down, as far as the year is concerned, to move into a different stage of life, we start to take on some physical difficulties, and headaches, at times, are caused by excessive thinking, and she thinks a considerable amount, her mind is very active. With this degree of activity, she is also bringing in the thoughts of others. If she gets psychic impressions, or is psychically inclined, she will be very sensitive to the vibrations of others. Her consciousness is having some difficulty in adjusting to this information overload, so to speak.

In order to help her headaches, she can try any of these three suggestions. In the so called ‘Widow’s Peak’ area of the head, there is a pressure point that is extremely good for reducing pain in the head, as in headaches. If she takes the middle knuckle of her right hand, and puts it right in that spot, and begins to massage it, moving about an inch around that spot, in the shape of a triangle, this will work well.

The second thing to do, there are pressure points also just below the occipital bone in the back of the head. They will feel just like little hollows. All she has to do is take these two fingers of each hand, [index and middle fingers], and to place them in those hollows, and to place her head back, and begin to massage that area, moving downward about an inch and a half.

The third thing to do would be to take the middle finger of the right hand, and place it on the third eye. This is the area where psychic development starts. Then she imagines there is a cooling ray of energy coming into her head right through the third eye. That cooling ray would be either green or blue in color. She lets it enter and just fills her head with energy. This will also help her to open up spiritually. After doing this for a few minutes, what she has to do, is draw a little ‘x’ over her third eye, and that will close that door. This is the area which brings information in, and we can get very clouded over by other people’s problems, or we are unsure why we feel a certain way, if we let this inflow continue. So, that little ‘x’ will make sure she does not receive so much information. These are ways she can significantly reduce her headaches.

Also she needs to get a Bach Flower Remedy called ‘Olive’, because she is mentally exhausted most of the time. This can be taken as droplets under the tongue, that will alter one’s vibration into a healing mode. She would also benefit from adequate rest, as well as additional Vitamin C to help counter the stress. She is a very beautiful vibration, I would note.

Ed: Lately, I have been falling to sleep very easily, but wakening during the night feeling quite panicky and unsure of myself. Is there something here I should be concerned about or alerted to?

Dr Jamieson: I would believe that as you are working in the dream state here, you are working to go beyond limitations. You see, you have had certain blockages in this lifetime, some of which may not have been as apparent to you. You are working to move beyond these blocks so you can get into some level of alignment with yourself, and with other people, and you are still discovering what your roll is on this planet, and what you are going to make as a contribution. What happens is, in your dream state, there is a fear of leaving the physical body, particularly unattended.

And this is what could be very useful for you over the next few months, would be to get in touch with your guides and teachers, spend time in speaking with them, meditating with them, asking them to keep you well protected, and ask them to help you move beyond your limitations in life, and particularly whatever blocks that seem to be holding you back. There is a cut off point you see. The time that you wake up feeling panic here would be the time just preceding the time you would start to leave the physical body. This is in the dream state.

When you sleep at night, your spirit self will work to vacate the physical premises in order that it may work to plan for your life ahead, and in some cases, the spirit self will go on and help other people, and guide others in other parts of the world. You may even work to guide your friends, etc. So, just at that cut off point, that is when you will wake up, because somehow the spirit self signals you subconsciously that you are moving into this mode, and this is where the panic sets in. There is a fear of totally releasing yourself into the world of spirit. I would suspect that there has been some kind of fear brought forward from the previous lifetime of actually dying or moving into the world of spirit, for you are not absolutely certain what is going to take place beyond that point. You like things that are certain, in that respect. The best thing for you to do when you experience this panicky feeling, would be to breathe through it, and say to yourself, “I now allow myself to move beyond my physical body, and I allow myself to express myself in life in whatever ways are appropriate for me in the ways that I choose.” This will help you let go of this blockage, to move into your next phase of life.

Ed: This past weekend, I have felt like I got hit over the head with the flu bug. Is this the case, or am I reacting to some of the homeopathics I am taking?

Dr Jamieson: What sometimes happens, is, whenever you are taking anything natural, or healing preparations, there is a clearing that moves through the physical body. And if you happen to contract some kind of flu, the common cold, or the like, what will take place is a quick movement through the physical body. The supplements will work to move a clearing quickly, but sometimes when toxic wastes are being moved, you are not going to feel so wonderful for a few hours. This would be the same as if you went on a fast, and after three or four days of being on this fast, all of a sudden there is a great deal of toxic waste moving through the physical body, that is being released, because the body is reacting differently without food, so it starts to digest what is in your body, even from a cellular level, and it begins to release the toxins from the cells, because that isn’t what is needed to feed the cells. If you have taken medicines in the past, they were likely stored within the cellular structure of the body, or if you have extra fat, or whatever you would call it, it will start to be released. This release causes you to feel not so great for a short period of time. If you keep up with this process, and can get past this feeling of discomfort, usually at some point, usually within twelve to twenty four hours, you will begin to heal very rapidly.

Ed: Thank you, that has helped put my notion of ‘the common cold’ into a clearer perspective. My next question would be to ask you to identify my Spirit Guides and Teachers.

Dr Jamieson: Ummm, There are four souls who are working with you, that have been helping you towards some level of inner growth on this pathway, and indeed some level of inner peace and acceptance of yourself. There are two guides who come forward as male figures, and two guides as female figures. In truth, or reality, we are neither male nor female. We are simply spirit and we choose a lifetime in order to help you in some ways, integrate the same or similar lessons in those particular periods of time, and we bring forward answers, information, guidance, wisdom, knowledge and healing in to you from whatever level of acceptance we find approachable.

As you call out to these Souls, they gather information from whatever their resources, whether their past lifetimes, lifetimes of others, or it could even be through the banks of knowledge that are in the World of Spirit. So they have access to a great deal more than you consciously appear to have access to. As these guides work with you, they really work as helpers.

There is firstly a Master Guide who comes forward who helps you in this lifetime move towards a complete understanding of yourself. You come onto this pathway to discover much more about yourself than perhaps about other people. It is of first importance to figure out your place in this world. And then from that anchored point of view, you can start to spread your energies outward. You still haven’t quite figured out exactly what your ultimate role in life is to be. So you are working spiritually here, to understand yourself more fully. This is the guide who is your direct resonation with universal substance or Source. So this will be a guide who brings in creative abilities, and helps you to create the next portion of your life.

You have been working over the past several months to burn off aspects of the past, and this process will refine itself over the months to come, so that you will be able to move with a firm and established direction into the future. This guide has a direct connection to you, even though he works with many, as do we all in the world of spirit work with many at the same time.

There is a second guide here who brings a freedom to you, acceptance of self inwardly, help you to have a good understanding, and clarity of your direction within yourself, on your focus in life, and works with you on inner patience. He tells me that at times you become quite frustrated inwardly and this has not been totally reconciled, and this apparently seems to be tied in with what is holding you back in life, the blockage that you are working to go beyond. This guide will be helping you transcend limitations, and to break down the barriers.

Whenever there is an obstacle in front of us, there is always more than one way to move beyond it. You can go around the obstacle, you can go over the obstacle, or you can break through the obstacle. Once you break the obstacle down, it is no longer there, because it gets integrated into you. This guide will assist you in releasing any pain involved in integrating you, and then move on to your next step in life. This guide was a Meti Healer on the earth plane. He liked the dawn time of the day greatly and this may be why you would appear to be a ‘morning person’. This is one way he will resonate his energy with yours. Our guides come to us on many levels of similarity. This guide was the protector of his tribe in some ways. And here he also brings you levels of joy, and also works with abundance, and freeing of the emotions, so that you can begin to see clearly beyond emotions.

We can subjectively participate ourselves in the emotional body or we can objectively stand back and look at it. This guide helps you to distance yourself from your problems, and then to take hold of them by seeing them from a distance.

Your next guide is a female, and has an English vibration about her. She would have lived during the 1800’s, and she appears to have been of Scottish descent. She comes to you on the heart level, which means this is a Soul which helps you to express yourself from the heart. She helps you open up to relationships, helps you to be yourself, and helps you to have a good close companionship in regards to fulfillment in the heart level. She was one who had difficulties, when she was on the earthplane, in expressing herself. The English have been very strict in their upbringing, in their attitudes, and certainly in their levels of expression of emotion. They don’t always express it. She had that problem.

What greater way to integrate that lesson into herself, but by studying, learning about and giving to you unconditionally a great level of love and help to you, to love unconditionally not only yourself, but those around you, and to bring into alignment the type of relationship that is going to bring the greatest level of companionship. She was quite well to do in her in this period of time. She is the guide to call upon, to help you to express yourself from the heart level, to help you in regard to relationships, and any healing which need to take place in relationships. She had difficulties with children when she was on the earthplane, and so she also attracts to you in regard to your relationship with children, and with people in general. She had this problem of distancing herself, between her and others. So, she comes not only to teach you, but to learn from you. She is indeed a very unique and special guide.

You have another female guide working with you here. This is a guide to help examine the feminine side of the self. It is very easy for us on this path to express ourselves in a particular way, to which we have been accustomed to expressing ourselves, when as a matter of fact, there may be other aspects to the self here, that can also be exploited, therefore we utilize all of the forces at play, not just the aggressive and the masculine, the manly side of the self, but also the passive or open side, the reflective, the receiving side of the self. This is a guide who helps you to receive in life, helps you to find fulfillment through purpose in life, helps you to have a greater understanding of your inner needs and desires, and the fulfillment that may be sought by you.

In her life she appeared to be some sort of naturopath, and even a connection with people in some way dealing with psychology. I see her vibration here in the 1940’s. And she would have been, as a doctor in her field, well ahead of her time. You may call to her for healing, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. She would work well with you on the physical body, internal healing, regardless of what the problem is. She is an inspirational guide as well. She is telling me that no matter what limitation we impose upon ourselves in this lifetime, we also impose upon ourselves the knowledge to transcend that particular limitation, and to erase the problem from us. And we so often assume that, that which we are limited by, is that which controls us. And in truth you are in control of that limitation. Should you let the limitation control you, you then hand over your power and your abilities towards the limitation, making the limitation more powerful, rather than disempowering the limitation and its control of you.

Ed: Thank you again. I am ever amazed with these conversations and to learn just how limited our eyesight is, and what the grander reality is which surrounds us all. With this in mind, is there any opportunity in the future for one of my guides to actually channel through me in any way?

Dr Jamieson: It would not be appropriate at this time to do so. Your Dr guide however, is close enough to you, that in the future, you could develop an ability here. All your guides will bring various kinds of inspiration to you. What we would have you do is get working with automatic writing, as a beginning. We ask that you get very familiar with all your guides so that they will be able to give you answers and impressions, types of guidance. Once your energies are stabilized and you are in tune, so to speak, with your guides, then you could do nearly anything, perhaps certain psychic gifts, perhaps some healing abilities.

Accept within yourself your great abilities in this life, the knowledge and wisdom you currently possess, knowing always that as you move ahead in light, in truth and in oneness, that as you reflect to the inner self, you realize the God Source that exists within, the knowledge and abundance that you are, you are one with All That Is, of the Law Of One. I must leave you.

It has been my pleasure to come forward and to spend some time with you. Until an opportunity should yet again arise for yet further communicate in this or in any other fashion, between you and the world of spirit, do know that my love and guidance indeed passes upon you and should you need help or assistance, just call out my name three times out loud, and I shall pass your requests on to your own guides and teachers, for you may ask the guiding forces around you for help, health, and strength, and they will do their utmost to bring that into your vibration.

Until we shall meet again, know my [our] love goes with you. At this time I ask that the Universal Mother Father God place a special blessing around you, to allow you to be whole and complete, on all levels of understanding, and may you always know that within Love, Light and Peace, that you are One with God, in complete expression. Accept this within and know always that you are One within. May peace go with you at this time.


Spirit Guides
     What steps would you take to establish contact with your personal guides?
     How will you begin to let them help you on a regular basis?
     What specific areas will have then begin assisting you along your pathway?

     means reclaiming your power, in all areas of your daily actions, as well as your being.

     Make a list identifying the areas in which you feel totally empowered.
     Make a list identifying the areas where you feel you are giving away your power to a
           situation(s) or person(s).
     After reading this book, make a list identifying the areas where you were unaware
          you were giving away your power.