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Esther and Jerry Hicks are being interviewed in this setting. The first segment is their background and how they 'opened up' to this process. The second and third segments, Esther channels Abraham and shares information regarding who we are, how we relate to the universe, and how we may take more joyous control of our lives.

An interview with Esther and Jerry Hicks and their inter-dimensional guide Abraham.

     All this seems like the kind of thing that fairy tales are made of – almost like making a wish as you rub the magic lantern. 
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Abraham's Thoughts
channeled through Esther Hicks
Abraham - a new life in 30 days
Abraham - Angels and Spirit Guides
Abraham - Death in proper Perspective
Abraham - Help with Trusting your Inner Voice
Abraham - Out of body Experience
Abraham - remove brakes from Abundance in 17 seconds
Abraham - Satisfaction
Abraham - The Alignment of Numbers means
Abraham - The Best Meditation ever
Abraham - You are the Creator of You
Abraham - Understanding who you are
Abraham - When Life takes a Major Turn
Abraham - Medicine of the Future
Abraham - How you have become you
Abraham - the only Thing that Matters to You
Abraham - Get in the Vortex first
Abraham - Get in the Vortex and Then
Abraham - Focus on the Vortex Version
Abraham - addicted to the Vortex
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     We are Abraham. We are that which you are. We are source. You are energy. We are here because you have asked. We are here in answer to your questions. We are here to remind you of that which you are and have forgotten. We are here to remind you of that which you now wish to remember. We are Abraham. We are.
     We are a family of non-physical beings naturally assembled by our powerful intention to remind you, our physical extensions, of the Laws of the Universe that govern all things.

There is a current that runs through everything. It exists throughout the Universe. It is the basis of the Universe, 
and it is the basis of your physical world. 

We are talking to you at many levels of your awareness all at the same time, but you will only receive whatever you are now ready to receive. 

     Hello and welcome to the news on your 7 days a week, 365 days a year, decade after decade … 
     NEWS - SOURCE – AUTHORITY. Who’s authority? Who’s in charge here? 
 What station do you wake up to? 
          Tune into the alternate frequency for a moment – your inner guidance.

       Every thought vibrates. Every thought radiates a signal. Every thought attracts a matching signal back. 
                We call that process, the Law of Attraction. Every Thought! You get what you think about.