Click image for larger version     We are all energy - in a universe of energy. Past, present and future are one. Life and Death may be redefined. When we awaken to this, and open up to understanding and accepting this reality, new doorways open, where we discover we have remarkable input and influence in shaping our future - to live our dreams and desires.
    This book taps into this energy, connecting the 'Now' with 'All That Is', to guide you towards Enlightenment, and total Self-Empowerment. The mission is to connect with our true source, within ourselves. The words on these pages become one of many doorways for accessing this wisdom from the loving spirit energies, the wisdom of Dr Jamieson.


     Ed started working with children in the classroom, helping them recognize their fullest potential, through building choices into their daily classroom activities. He moved into health care to work with the adult community, with his message, "you have more control over your health than you think." Now, having learned to channel Universal Healing Energy, this new skill combines all knowledge of energy for helping others achieve their highest potential: body mind, and spirit.
     In his teaching career, Ed graduated Hamilton Teachers' College and earned his B.A. in English Literature at York University, Toronto. He taught for the Halton Board of Education, and the Ministry of Education in Toronto. He also studied Nutrition, has his Reiki III Master level and taught Reiki I courses. And now, he has his Universal Energy training, Level 5, awarded in Oakville.


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A Look into Ed’s Past

As a kid in public school, on the last day of school, as summer holidays were beginning, I would save all my school supplies, and set them up in the back yard, and try to get the other kids in the neighbourhood to ‘play school’ with me. I thought it would be fun. How ridiculously unreal! Yet, even at that age, something deep inside was trying to give me a message, to be a teacher or guide of some kind, helping people somehow...
What dream, what hope, what secret wish do we keep suppressed, never to be fulfilled, because of something we were told or learned early in life, that took away our desire and self trust to make it happen?

The year I was in grade 12, I had my father die quite unexpectedly, shortly after his father died, and one week after that his mother died. My grandfather could not accept the idea that he had outlived his son and so he willed himself to die. My grandmother had been in a coma for over two years, in a sanitorium, and was waiting for her husband to die so she could die to be with him.

     Less than a year after that, I bought a motorcycle and one day several months later, let my best buddy drive it. I was a passenger on the back. We were in the country. A beautiful sunny Sunday summer afternoon. He drove into a ditch when trying to make a turn. I flew over him and hit a cement bridge over 20 feet away. I spent 18 months on crutches before I could walk again. My buddy died instantly. Who was the lucky one here?
     Having lost my father, my grandparents, and a good buddy at that early age, I learned to distance myself from others, to put emotional walls around me, which would protect me from having to face similar losses in the future. This would become a very powerful learned attitude [emotional limitation] to reverse in the future.

I became a school teacher in my early 20’s and enjoyed a very rewarding career for a number of years. My biggest strength was in offering choices to my students, along with allowing them input in determining consequences for all actions. What a powerful life tool to be learning at such an early age.
     Later, when I had York University students, learning to become teachers, in my classroom, their biggest complaint was ‘you don’t have discipline problems in your class’. How can we learn how to control kids? My answer was ‘when you understand my philosophy of education, you will not need to have discipline problems - you will not need to control your students – they control themselves -  happily!
How was my classroom different? I respected each child as unique, who deserved love and respect, and who needed to ‘make mistakes’ and ‘learn choices’ that would take them closer to the success they were wanting. We shared our successes. We problem solved together. Each child became a teacher and guide for the others AND me. They taught me how to be their best guide on their learning pathway.
Some 20 years ago, I hit a real low point in my life. I was taking high levels of anti-depressants each day just to survive. I was at war, somewhere deep inside, and didn’t know it. My children’s parents would tell me things like, ‘you have given my child the best year of his/her school life – the real tragedy is that you did not enjoy it as much as the children. It was like I had two personalities: the public successful professional and the inner private failure.
     To get me off anti-depressants, I eventually became hooked on tranquillizers. [medically prescribed] My doctor then said I would need psychiatric help to get me off his prescribed tranquillizers. After my third ‘shrink’, I had learned how to analyze them, but they still didn’t discover the cause of my unhappiness. After the second visit with my third psychiatrist, I walked out on him. He didn’t know what to say…

So, I eventually ended up in a psychologist’s office. WOW! That was a real shock. He let me rant and rave for 15 minutes and then put his hands up. "Ok," he said, "you convinced me. You are the most negative person I have ever encountered."
     Well, folks, that was NOT what I wanted to hear. [My mind had begun shouting obscenities at him, even this soon!]
     Then he said, "There is nothing I can do to help you."
And he paused.
My mind started screaming at him. "Aren’t you listening to me? I am here because I need YOU to make me better. You are my last hope and chance."
Then he said, very quietly, "But I can teach you how to help yourself."
I saw red. If I had had something in my hand, I would have winged it at him.
     Then he aimed the gun and pulled the trigger. "
You have exactly 15 seconds to convince me you really want to learn how to help yourself, or get out of my office and stop wasting YOUR time and MY time. Your choice!"
     Then I muttered, "‘OK". It was barely a whisper. [I didn’t know what else to do. I was desperate – wasn’t I?]
NO," he barked, staring directly at me. "You have 10 seconds left to convince me you are ready to take control of your life."
Something much deep inside surfaced. I somehow managed to convince him I really did want to reclaim my life.

It was one of my 'moments of truth'. We all face these at times when we seem to be at our lowest. And oddly enough, these moments can become dramatic and powerfully wonderful 'turning points' in our life.

Around this time, I had a powerful motorboat I played with on Lake Ontario. One afternoon I was pulling the boat out of the water, and the safety catch slipped on the hand crank. It whipped back and broke my thumb in three places. My doctor said it would take at least 8 weeks, with a cast, to heal properly.
     [Three weeks earlier I had become strangely interested in hypnosis, and quite obsessed with learning the technique. I had learned and practiced self hypnosis, and was enjoying a most calming and relaxed state following each 'session'. So I decided to try hypnotizing myself to see if I could affect healing my thumb.]
SO, while in the Dr’s office, I said to him I did not want a cast. Surprisingly, he showed me how to wrap it in a tensor bandage, and told me to come back in two weeks. At that time he said he would likely want to put a cast on my wrist. I spent the next two weeks, one hour each night, in a deep trance, and gave my ‘body’ permission to heal the thumb.
     When I returned to the doctor’s office two weeks later, he took off the bandage and whistled, "Well, Riley, I don’t know how you did it, but your thumb is healed enough that you don’t need a cast and you can throw away the tensor bandage."

     Another 'moment of truth, or 'power moment'.
What was I learning or discovering? Do our bodies have such dramatic healing capacities when we allow them to do so? Do we ALL have this natural ability within? It appears we do.