About the Author

     As a child, I knew I would become a teacher. My biggest desire was to help others. And so, I did enjoy a teaching career. These children helped me learn and grow in ways I never experienced as a child: with fun, creativity, and a desire to look just beyond what one believes to be reality. In looking back, I can say, I was outrageously successful.
     At a time when most professionals enjoy a successful career, and decide to sit back and coast into retirement, I had the urge to leave the profession, not knowing quite where I was headed. And a short time later I found myself starting all over again at the bottom of the ladder in health care. A world I never dreamed existed opened before me. From the protective four walls of a classroom, into a busy inner city Emergency department: was I on the same planet? Yet, in no time, I knew why I was there.
     These patients, at the lowest and most vulnerable time in their life, and struggling to survive, were to become my new teachers. New levels of communication began to open up, and I saw the real world, and its desperate need to heal. The spiritual lessons I had learned and integrated into the classroom, were the foundation for the grander life lessons beyond the classroom. I had learned how to guide children into wanting to learn and grow intellectually, now the challenge became how to have these ‘health challenged’ people see that they have the power within to rise above their illness, and even improve their lives. These grander spiritual lessons embrace one’s integration into life.
     Most of us, including the author of this writing, believe at some point in our life, that the world we see around us is the real world. This is not the case. We use electricity. We can’t see it. But we know it exists as an energy that can be measured. We talk on cell phones. These messages travel through the air unseen by our eyes. Yet we know it possible because we hear the sender’s voice in the earpiece. So too, is a world of energy that surrounds us all, unseen, at times felt, yet always present, that affects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
     Once one opens up and allows this larger world of energy around us to become ‘real’, instead of the world we think, or ‘see’, as real, our lives can change dramatically. New doorways open to us leading to greater happiness, greater health, and more abundant joy, peace and acceptance and financial abundance. This is my continuing journey, and I invite you to embrace it as well.
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About this writing

     Many people who find this book in their hands were guided on some level to its location. There will be others who were given this book by a friend. This did not happen entirely by accident. This larger world of energy we live in somehow helped you connect with this book. On some level, some part of you is ready to read some of the information provided in these pages. Questions you have had somewhere in your mind, created the energy to bring to you these answers. These energy fields around us are able to attract the answers to our questions.
     Where did this information originate? It is channeled information. Most authors, who write successful works, will tell you that at times they felt truly inspired and the ideas and words just flowed to the pages from a higher source through them. In this sense, the author became ‘the instrument’ through which knowledge flowed. In acquiring the information for this book, I had an external instrument, through which this information flowed, or put slightly differently, was channeled to me. As an author, who has written a series of children’s novels, I have experienced first hand this ‘flow’ or ‘channeling’ of ideas and information, through me, directly to the page.
     So, do the words on these pages have any value if they are channeled? And, if so, to which readers? All of us at times feel strongly ‘we wish we had answers to things troubling us’. Just why is our health, or our relationships, so hard to maintain? What is wrong with my life? Well, perhaps it is not so much a case of what is wrong, as perhaps where we are ‘out of synchronization’: our energies do not match the type of energies we wish in our life. This may seem a strange statement to make.
     The universe in which we live is only energy. Everything that exists in the universe is an expression, in some form, of that energy. So, it would perhaps make sense if we were able to look at our existence as energy in a larger energy field, and seek ways to ‘match energies’ or ‘reshape our energies’ to let us ‘attract’ what we are seeking. In these pages, energy and vibration are words you will read many times.
     From the world of spirit, which is all part of the vast energy field we all reside in, alternate perspectives, different ways to express things we see and believe to be ‘the reality’, will be presented. If you feel good when you read some of these words, then you are connecting with the energy ‘answers’ you are seeking. If these words do not resonate with you, then this information is not relevant at this time for you. Perhaps later!
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The Instrument

     As part of my journey in health care, opening up to new ideas and experiencing new energies, I was given the opportunity to connect with a person who channeled spirit energy. This young man’s name was Kevin Dobson. Kevin lived in downtown Toronto, and early in his life, realized he had the ability to become an instrument to channel spirit energies. To do this, he learned how to allow his ‘spirit’ energy to leave his physical body for short periods of time, and allow the ‘spirit’ energy of someone who had previously lived on this earth, to enter his physical body, so the wisdom or knowledge, from the ‘other side’, so to speak, could be shared here on the physical earth.
     Kevin was a good and clear channel, and he would allow five and six channeling sessions on some days, with sessions lasting 60-80 minutes. I have included his prayer of invocation he used to begin each session, which shaped and guided energies during these sessions. His demand reflected the clarity, and relevance of the information he channeled to his clients. He primarily channeled the spirit energies of Dr Robert Jamieson. I had the privilege of sitting with Kevin a number of times, and watch as ‘he’ departed his body and went into the light, to then allow ‘Dr Jamieson’ to enter his body, for our conversations.
      Toward the end, it was disheartening to see Kevin becoming more unhappy living in this world. Most of us fear death. Kevin didn’t. He had conquered that fear. In many ways, each time he left his body, he came the closest to experiencing death one can have and still remain on the earthplane.
      You have likely heard of stories where patients have been on the operating room table, and appeared to die, only to somehow come back to life again. When challenged later as to what ‘they experienced’, they said that they experienced great peace as they moved into the Light, and as a result they no longer feared death, because they knew what was on ‘the other side’.
     Kevin ‘experienced’ death many times each day, to help us have a deeper knowledge of spirit energy beyond our immediate awareness. In that respect he was selfless in his desire to improve ‘the human condition’ with his special and unique gift. Eventually, he lost his desire to ‘live in the physical world’ having spent so much time in the Peace, Light, Joy and Love of the Realm beyond’. Thank you, Kevin, for having granted me the opportunity to communicate with Dr Jamieson.
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The Channeled Spiritual Energy

     Dr Robert Jamieson lived in England nearly a century ago. He was a teacher of History and in his own right, an historian in that time period. So it was not surprising, when the first time Dr Jamieson’s spirit energy ‘came through’ Kevin, that I was speaking with a gentleman with an British accent, with his British politeness, speech mannerisms, and dry wit. I have included in the transcriptions of our dialogues most of the exact wording, rich with his energies, as well as his formal and polite opening and closing remarks.
     One of the true gauges, of a Loving spirit energy that is channeled, is the desire to guide the listener into discovering greater strengths within. A true spirit guide will never tell you what you MUST do. That is control and the highest form of spiritual communication, from the world of Love and Light, honours your right of choice. Empowerment comes from self-growth. Any spirit communication that dictates, making you feel you have no choice other than to follow the message being given, denies choice, and that is enslavement. That kind of message is not coming from the Peace, Light and Love of Divine Source.
     At times, during my conversations with Dr Jamieson, he would decline my requests, ‘Please tell me what to do!’ He would slowly, and gently, would look into my vibration, (which is how the spirit world truly sees us), and tell me where my energies were the strongest, and what capabilities my energies were best suited to handle, and ask me to identify the choices I felt I had in these areas. For more direct questions, involving learning new skills, like how to effectively breath to increase light energy in the body, his instructions were direct and needing to be followed.

     ”I can’t tell you what to do. It is not my purpose, to come forward and say you must do this, or you must do that. I come to help enhance your choices, and perhaps help you realize what you can do, and what your possibilities are in life, or perhaps what areas may work well for you.” 

     I am forever grateful for the patience, wisdom and insight which Dr Jamieson granted me during our all too brief, and limited number of conversations. This book is dedicated to him, and to Kevin Dobson, and to the many who assisted them in bringing this knowledge forward to help me and all those who will find newer meaning to their lives, having had an opportunity to ‘converse’ with him through his words here.
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Spiritual Guides and Teachers

    Each one of us has our personal guides and teachers as part of our energy fields which surround us. Whether we realize or acknowledge or even accept this does not alter that fact. There are times when we seem to have ‘thought of the right thing at just the right time’ or ‘had a powerful feeling to act in a certain way’, or ‘somehow just seemed to avoid an accident as if by a miracle’. At times like this, many are beginning to believe, that just maybe we are being helped by a greater force beyond our immediate knowing. This may be one’s intuition, or maybe one’s higher self, or one’s spirit guides, or perhaps God. Maybe these are more closely connected than we may have previously been aware. What perhaps is important here, is that we can access a higher level within ourselves, in some way, that will empower us to greater trust, peace, love, and a more fulfilling and abundant life. It is hoped these words will open that doorway for you.
     In my conversation with Dr Jamieson, several master guides, teachers and healers have offered their energies to assist you, the reader, as you read and wish to practice some of the ideas and skills offered in these pages. You are invited to call upon the vibrations of Dr Jamieson, Mother Cabrini, Sister Victoria, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Saint Raymond, Akehnaten, Melchizdedek, as well as simply asking that your personal spirit, and healing guides come forward to work personally with you at any time you request of them.
     To do this, simply call their names out loud, in your normal speaking voice, three times. Thank them for sharing this time with you. Ask that they assemble your personal guides, healers, and teachers to come forward to assist you and surround you. [Be very aware of any slight changes in your energies, tingling sensations you may feel, emotions that suddenly surface, as an indication that these loving energies of Love and Light are connecting with you.]
     Then ask for your Unlimited Self Vibrational Name to be connected with you. Spend five to ten minutes at this time, very quietly, just focusing on your breathing, be aware of only your breath, so as to clear the mind, and open up to the energies beginning to move in your physical body.
     Then ask that you be opened in such a way that you become aware of your individual guides and allow them to communicate their names to you. This may take some time to develop, depending upon how open and receptive you are to these ideas in the first place.
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     Throughout this book, there will be certain sentences appearing in bold face. These are affirmations which may be repeated quietly with breathing exercises, or in quiet times of reflection. As you repeat these affirmations, in time you will feel subtle emotions and energies being created by their ‘vibration’. By surrounding yourself with white light at these times, you will change these dark limitations into empowering light. It is important to change darkness into light instead of just letting the darkness go. (It could return later.)
     Once you have worked with these affirmations, you will intuitively want to create your own. Here your spirit guides and teachers in time will open you to this awareness. Because these are so personal to you, the results will be even more grand.
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Composing this set of Conversations

     As much as possible, I have used the actual words and phrases of Dr Jamieson, so you, the reader, will more truly resonate with the energy of his words. Ask Dr Jamieson to ‘read these words’ as you are reading them, to form a stronger energy link with them. At times, when his speech was broken, or repeated phrases later on for more emphasis, I ‘smoothed out’ the word flow. I have also shortened, and tightened the conversations where needed, in the interest of economizing space.
     I have mostly kept the conversations in the personal mode, as if you, the reader, were having this conversation with Dr Jamieson. This has been done with inquiries I have made of third parties. Their names have not been used, and the dialogue reshaped to make it sound as if the inquiry was about me. I elected to personalize these dialogues where appropriate to draw you, the reader, more closely to the energies and emotions attached to these situations. In reading these conversations, it is hoped that you will find the wisdom to create your doorways of choice and expand your growth and create the life of abundance you so deserve.
     The sessions spanned three years: Sep 03, Oct 22, Dec 08, Feb 02, May 06, Jun 24, Aug 30, Dec 22, Mar 13, May 26, Jul 28, Aug 24, Dec 09, Dec 14, and Mar 24.
     A simple index has been provided to access specifics within the book more easily. And at the end of most dialogues, there is an activity designed to provide some fun and deeper ‘probing’ into the concepts presented. The more you can personalize this information, the easier it will be to know if you resonate with these energies and ideas. May the Light shine even brighter.
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     May my Love, Peace, Joy and Light, filled with my Gratitude, radiate out to all Masters, and Guides of Healing, Teaching and Enlightenment who assisted Dr Jamieson, and Kevin Dobson during his conversations with me, those named here, and the many who wish to remain unnamed, for their Love, Light, Healing, Wisdom, and Guidance, in their timeless and selfless desire to assist all who seek growth towards recognizing and embracing the God within.
     My deepest gratitude to all who assisted me toward my pathway, and growth along my pathway, which has made this book possible, and for giving me the opportunity to help in the healing of this planet and the Loving Beings who are resident here.  

            I am indebted to my friends and loved ones for granting me the space and time to make this book a reality.

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