Galactic Federation of Light   July  Channeled Messages
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Galactic Federation of Light High Council of Orion July 19  2011   -7:23
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many are resonating with the frequencies, stay our of illusion, connect to other realms at a deeper level, clearing of the heart center, just allow it to happen, it is just a journey, faith and trust in new abilities, all realms and we are all one, we all have spent lifetimes on many planets in many realms, energy is eternal, allow this truth to reside within, dietary and body changes need to be honoured, change when motivated, pure water, fresh foods, great need for sleep now,    click image on left to
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Galactic Federation of Light Lady Nada July 19  2011   -10:05
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I am the feminine energies of Divine Love, all creation is at a pause as heart centers open, it speaks softly - need quiet to hear, you have all the answers to all questions now, live in ease and grace, we are all one eternal one, remember the truths of reality, you are stronger than you credit yourself, ask to see beyond your limitations, lift the veils, you are the seed of eternal beauty, let your heart sing for others to hear, just allow your greatness to flow and shine forth, it's time to celebrate your awakening gifts,   click image on left to
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Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle July 19  2011   -8:42
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Galactic Federation of Light SaLuSa July 20  2011   -6:47
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changes are to increase, the dark ones are falling apart now, all will be exposed, changes may disturb, this is only the anxiety of losing what you thought worked, we will protect you on this journey, Mother Earth will need to do what she need to do to  heal, let go of 3D attachments, wish to attract the assistance of the light workers, your light protects you now, not your ego, duality will end very soon now, organizing skills will become critical, contact with you will occur, new devices to be available, next months eye opening click image to
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Galactic Federation of Light Sirian Council of Light July 20  2011   -6:00
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time doors are opening, truths now revealed, all you once dreamt, is now possible, dance in the arms of your dreams, every thought must be clear and loving, always ask for Divine assistance and intervention, expect instructions demanding you to fly beyond your perceived abilities, do not give up. always be true to yourselves, live in Light always,     click image on left to
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Galactic Federation of Light High Council of Orion July 25  2011   -9:04
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huge vibrational shifts at this time, live from your heart, ask your heart for truth, all the answers are within, we came here to experience emotion, can you feel the peace around you? work through the tiredness with meditation, sleep, water, as you process these energies. always be gentle with yourself, human body is being re-calibrated on a large scale, 'hunger' means you need water..... always be alert as to what feels 'right' and what does not, process all information with the hear, light to  all negativity,   click image on left to hear audio
Galactic Federation of Light Archangel Raphael July 30  2011   -5:26     *********
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it is wonderful to speak with you, much upheaval takes its toll on you. know how to tell between good and bad stress, bad stress causes negative feelings, this stress harms the body, Ask ME for help to think in positive ways to release stress and heal the body, let no one take advantage of you, always talk from the heart, take time out to pamper yourself, seeing green emerald sparkles in the corner or your eye? That's me.  click image on left to hear audio
Galactic Federation of Light Galactic Council July 30  2011   -15:14
...  member, channeling, 
we are here to end this cycle of illusion, feel - don't see! truth is from the heart, TV's images are illusion, enter the silence you have within, media robs you of your power, heal with the sounds of nature, sit in silence - hear your inner voice, illusion keeps you busy to keep you trapped, dream your fantasies and allow dreams to become real, you are worthy of anything you can dream, join in the light of others, the unity of light groups is powerful, dream big with faith, just connect and believe with your heart,     click image on left to hear audio
Galactic Federation of Light Archangel Michael July 31  2011   -4:29
...  member, channeling, 
join the Nov 11 2011 celebration, emotions will well up, this is the light at the end of the tunnel, return of the Messiah energies, shine your light onto the world at all times, all who choose to follow this love, will be rewarded, speak out of pure unconditional love for God in all you do, the veil is being lifted, rejoice, our love for you is beyond words, 
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Galactic Federation of Light High Council of Orion July 31  2011   -9:56     +++***+++
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symptoms are bodily healings, tune into them, and ask for healing, pour love and compassion into all you do, ask love to flow through your body, medical profession promotes fear, they donot understand healing the body, the human body can self heal, let your dormant skills surface, note your senses, trust and have faith in them, time feels strange, it is moving so much faster now, nearly doubled in speed, you agreed to these life experiences and also to how to complete them successfully,   click image on left to hear audio
Galactic Federation of Light Hilarion July 31  2011   -3:44    *****
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many happenings will appear more unbelievable, let greater feelings of joy, and impending freedom grow internally, dream and manifest without distraction, live in joy, let your negative thought forms begin to dissolve, intend this planet be the sparkling jewel of love, it is your task of creation, follow a higher vision, of your I AM presence, visualize yourselves as light beings about 12 feet tall creating a golden future, play with these images.    click image on left to hear audio
Galactic Federation of Light Lady Nada July 31  2011   -5:14
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follow the guidance of the angels, learn about yourself and your abilities, and about unconditional love,  body adjustments bring you closer to you true self, you life lessons are teaching you well, keep loving yourself, you are becoming more resilient, you are becoming more aware, jump for joy and hug the world,  your unconditional heat is opening, seek me when you need comfort, you are never alone, may your hearts always be filled with love  click image on left to hear audio
Galactic Federation of Light Paua'Alowa July 31  2011   -4:39
...  member, channeling, 
the powers have held information from you, but you are learning it now through your heart center, each has different lessons, through meditations you learn lessons, deja vu plays its part, you are always connected to the great oneness of existence, trust your inner intuitive feelings, just allow the illusion to go, more information will be provided as you need it, your heart will always give you the truth,     click image on left to hear audio
Galactic Federation of Light Saul July 31  2011   -4:47
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frustration and impatience will pass when you awaken, you will awaken, the truth is only hidden temporarily, let your light burn brightly and it will attract the truth, God's inextinguishable flame of love live in all, all is within God, the illusion is false and causes pain, remove blame and judgment - its only illusion, acceptance gives you empowered freedom - honesty and integrity, embrace yourself in love as you are, this will strengthen compassion and peace will replace anxiety, compassion to all threats !!!    click image on left to hear audio

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