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Louise Hay
presents her history of learning self healing
and how she shares it with others.

She includes a variety of guest 'healers'.

A 90 minute segmented presentation

Part 01   Part 02   Part 03   Part 04   Part 05
Part 06   Part 07   Part 08   Part 09   Part 10

The notes below
highlight information in this presentation.

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Louise Hay
Hay House Publications

Notes from Video Clips - Louise Hay - You can Heal Your Life

Clip One
We are all on a journey of Self-discovery. Each thought you think creates your present and future. [basically your reality.] How do we effectively change [reshape] our thinking? [what I think moment by moment]. You affirm – ‘I am willing to change’. [change your thinking, change your actions, change your life.] The Universe fully supports you, every second, giving you what you believe and think emotionally. Your health, your life, your happiness, your successes…..

Clip Two
How do I increase my understanding of life, of health, of the Laws of the Universe? What beliefs did you learn, very early in life, locked in with intense emotion, that limits [controls] you now? What are you attached to, attracted to? [material toys, people, futility, hope? How do these control you? How do we change those old patterns?

Clip Three
What controls you? What has power over you? Where have you given your power away? What do you perceive in life, in error? What false beliefs do you hold? What holds you from success? Start the transformation by saying ‘I CAN’ instead of ‘I can’t’. This opens up the joyous playfulness of life. Why do you let life present a ‘crisis’ to force a life change?  ‘I CAN’ starts the process willingly and easily….. How do we eliminate the fear of ‘change’? Just change your beliefs about change. The most powerful energy we possess is emotion. Learn how to let it motivate you. Use affirmations and say them looking at yourself in a mirror.
‘All will come to me when I need it. Every moment of my day is filled with ‘love’ energies.'
Do positive affirmations, follow this with positive action, and positive results must follow.
‘My body now restores itself to its natural sate of perfect health’.   ‘My income is constantly increasing’.
‘I do what I love, I work with people I love, and I earn lots of money.
When speaking these affirmations, feel them as accomplished with gratitude. Say these affirmations with emotion until you believe it. This emotional belief CREATES. The affirmations are the seeds you plant. The emotion of belief is the water and sunlight nurturing the seed. Just as the seed grows. You manifest into your reality what you affirm. Expect it!

Clip Four
Don’t ‘WANT’ for anything, because you are just creating a bigger ‘want’. [If you ‘want’ money, you are affirming you don’t have it, and adding power to not getting it. Instead, affirm ‘I have all the money I need’, affirms the fact you have it – not lack it. The Universe takes your words very literally. Believe your have it, and can see it, feel it, smell it as being real ‘emotionally. The more you say your affirmations, the more you can feel your emotions building as you say them. These mental patterns build your reality in your body, and as a magnet, they are attracted to you. Say into the mirror as often as you are able….
     'I love you, [say your name here], very much. You are perfect just the way you are.’
Humour elevates us towards GOD energies. Laugh from the heart as often as you can.

Clip Five
Create your belief shift more easily by replacing fear with Curiosity. External challenges to your internal resistance to change – source of our belief. We live our lives based on these beliefs. [limitations, heroes, expectations] Which of your beliefs are positive based, and negative based? Which empower you and which take your power away? Our affirmations + our actions => produces miracles. Our beliefs limit our actions. How do we overcomes these limiting beliefs? Our society carefully instills fear conditioning belief systems into our daily activities. Media promotes fear for our personal safety and material possessions, and our health. School instills the the belief that its necessary to serve the power structure to survive. Take all the murder, violence, swearing and power struggles out of our ‘entertainment’ industry, and what is left? Where do we see quality relationships, and people empowering other people, love and caring, as the driving message of what entertains us? What are YOU prepared to contribute, each day, as something positive, to each person you encounter? What do you contribute [give] to ‘life’ each day? [We take so much so easily, don’t we?]

Clip Six
How would you test the depth of commitment to life each day? How could you measure this? What would be the easy things to change in your life? What would be the difficult things to change? How do we stay on track when we make a change? Easiest way to change is to learn to accept what happens. This is done fastest through FORGIVENESS. Do we resist change because we don’t want to look at ourselves as having ‘been’ wrong’ in a belief? Try this --- Look into the mirror and say this. ‘I am totally healed’. Repeat this until you feel life tingle through your body. Feel light and strong. There is a power inside each human being, which is the most powerful in the whole universe, which no earthly force for can affect. The greatest need of every human being is to be open to discover and practice our spirituality.
     'I love and accept myself totally’.
Think and speak from your heart – not your head [mouth]. Your heart wave pattern balances and harmonizes the whole body. Our heart speaks with emotion and feeling. Our emotions and feelings change us and our world. We all have this power within. A strong, healthy heart, with loving and grateful emotions and feelings, balances the body – decreases stress, regulates blood pressure, balances sugar levels, relaxes muscles…
[The ‘power structure’ has taken this belief away from us, so that we may serve it. ‘It’ uses this ‘power’ to deny us being just as powerful. And we continue to let them take away more power each day.] Want more proof? How do you feel when you see a drug commercial? Its promise to ‘help’ with all those acknowledged side effects. How does that conflict of informational benefits affect you?] Time to reclaim our power. 

Clip Seven
AIDS … dissolve all resentment, learn forgiveness, learn to love yourself, avoid the ‘ain’t this just awful’ self pity mindset, share all your positive health improvements with others, know what you are living for --- not what you believe you are dying of!. We all need a Savior, find your personal Savior, look into a mirror, remember - you have this power within. When you change your belief, you change ‘you’, and you change the world around you. [We are all energy in a Universe of energy. What affects one, affects all.] Consciousness creates reality by obeying the Laws of Physics. When you Bless yourself, you prosper. When you can love yourself, you can love others.

Clip Eight
Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself. How do I learn how to forgive? Realize that all hurt is internal – NOT externally imposed. When we let someone else ‘hurt us’, we have just given our power away to them. I now care about how I feel. Always bring LOVE to any conflict. When I forgive, I set myself free. Find the hidden treasure in the center of yourself.
‘Love dissolves everything that limits me’.
What have you done in the past that is so terrible that you can’t accept yourself? Look into the mirror and say, ‘Ed, I really and truly love you.’ [use your name here, please]   Look for appreciation and beauty in all that you do and see.
     ‘I Love myself. I allow abundance to flow to me doing what I truly love to do.’
‘I think and behave in a loving way, moment by moment.’  ‘I forgive and totally release the past.’ 

Clip Nine
Learn to live in the ‘now’, not in the past or the future. The past is gone for good. The Future is not here. You can shape the future by thinking positively in the now. Be fully present and aware of yourself and your environment. Allow yourself to manifest and enjoy miracles everyday. This is a measurement of your growth. Your garden needs water to grow vegetables. You can’t say you’ll water it ‘after’ it produces vegetables. Life has no limits. Why limit yourself? Learn to inspire others by being that grateful beacon of light and love. You must commit to actions to materialize your affirmations. Do them with fun, love and gratitude. In your relationships be honest, take total responsibility for love, fun. How do I become these things to manifest it?
     ‘Every experience is a success. I deserve and accept the best life offers.’
‘I’m healthy, whole and complete. I give gratitude for all in my life.’
‘I trust my inner wisdom and vision. I acknowledge my inner guidance and follow my guidance each day.’
Life takes over you’re ‘in sync’ with your ‘inner truth’.

Clip Ten
Just be willing to change. Your survival depends upon it. The planet is changing rapidly, evolving into the Future. We are changing whether we want to or not. Changing ‘in sync’ with the planet empowers you and Mother Earth. Just do it!