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                                                 Quantum Communications        

These video clips average 8-10 minutes each, and are sequenced.
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Video 01    Video 02    Video 03    Video 04    Video 05    Video 06    Video 07    Video 08
Video 09    Video 10    Video 11    Video 12    Video 13    Video 14    Video 15    Video 16

Partial List of Contributors:  David Sereda   Dr Bruce Lipton,    Dr John Gray,    Dr Konstantine Korotkov, 
Dr Michael Chaikin,    Dr Stanislav O'Jack,    Dr Gary Schwartz,    Crystal Frost,    Paulette Orona  
Heart Math Institute

The Body, Mind, Spirit of Water

An audio of 1 hour 24 minutes
The audio was captured from a video of the same title that was playing on YouTube.
The video is no longer avaliable.

Listen to the Audio

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